Midlands Health Innovation coordinates and combines the collective excellence of 7 Midlands Innovation universities to deliver improved health and regional growth. Driving disruptive translational interventions and influencing nationally, Midlands Health Innovation draws together a critical mass of innovative regional stakeholders to impact national and global health challenges using local training strengths, expertise, networks, best practice and facilities.

As a collaborative translational engine for healthcare, Midlands Health Innovation represents:

  • A critical mass of regional health-related research and innovation activity
  • A platform for delivering disruptive interventions
  • A ‘Team Science’ community of good practice, technical expertise and peer support
  • An ability to rapidly coordinate potential synergies and delivery of joint innovation
  • A partnership forum promoting Midlands innovation in research, policy and practice


High quality translational research and clinical trials infrastructure, hosting multiple national centres of research excellence, 3 BRCs and 4 CRFs. >£260M health research p.a.


50 NHS Trusts, supporting a population of ~11million (1/6 UK) and 27% of the country’s NHS Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships.


Our Medical Schools train 20% of the UK’s medical professionals, within a region where 38% are employed within highly skilled, knowledge intensive sectors.


MHI partners deliver >£130M of Business and Community engagement p.a. The Midlands region is also in the UK’s top 3 for Life Sciences employment (>30,000 jobs).


Aston University - Professor Anthony Hilton

University of Birmingham - Professor David Adams

Keele University - Professor Pauline Walsh

University of Leicester - Professor Philip Baker

Loughborough University - Professor Mark Lewis - CHAIR

University of Nottingham - Professor John Atherton

University of Warwick - Professor Sudhesh Kumar


The aim of this initiative is to position the cutting-edge Medical and Health-based innovations and research produced across the Midlands at the forefront of the UK. We are striving to create more large-scale collaborative activities across the partnership and with others.

This will be achieved by delivering against the following objectives:

  1. To provide co-ordination for the generation of research intensive applications and initiatives which link MHI Universities. These will often involve linking with industry, the NHS and/or local government
  2. To facilitate sharing of resources between MHI Universities, with the aim of furthering collaboration and expanding capabilities
  3. To increasing research and collaboration with Midlands NHS Trusts to co-ordinate patient-based research facilities across the Midlands
  4. To respond as a united voice to consultations and funding opportunities which are targeted at the Midlands region as a whole


Available to download here: Midlands MedTech Sector Analysis report - This report, in conjunction with Midlands Engine, outlines the MedTech industry in the Midlands, which delivers £1.6 billion GVA to the region and sustains > 23,000 jobs.